Welcome to the Port City Challenge taking place June 27th & 28th in the picturesque Seacoast Region of New Hampshire

Games played at

Portsmouth High School

50 Andrew Jarvis Dr
Portsmouth, NH 03801

On site parking, turf and grass field surfaces.

Off site adventure options: Vacation/resort area with several area beaches to choose from within 5-20 minutes from the fields. Hiking trails, kayaking/tours, stand up paddle, surfing, zip line tours, bike tours, horseback riding, golfing, tennis, shopping, and more!


Games will be played on Saturday (8am-6pm) and Sun (8am-4pm)

Divisions: 2020 thru 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026/2027, [2028/2029 will play 7v7 format]

Schedules released two weeks prior to tournament thru tourney machine app

All participants must have an active US Lacrosse Membership at the time of the event.

Teams are guaranteed 2 full games Sat & 2 full games Sun (weather permitting).

Top two seeded teams in each division play in Championship game on Sunday

Team fee is $1150, team deposit of $500 due Dec 15th, 2019
*Team fee for 28/29 Division is $800

Balance Due by April 15, 2020

If tournament has CLOSED due to FULL enrollment NO REFUNDS will be given to any team

that wishes to withdraw from the program or tournament.

Please contact Mary at lighthouselaxnh@gmail.com with any questions


All participants must have an active US Lacrosse Membership at the time of the event.

NO jewelry of any kind is allowed unless it is medical in nature and covered with tape

Sportsmanship is of the utmost importance at the Port City Challenge
Officials have the right to stop a game at any time to eject a coach, fan or player based on his/her behavior.
A yellow or red card to the coach counts towards the team fouls and a player must be removed for 3 minutes.
Players receiving 2 yellows will not have to sit the following game, but it will be reported to the tournament director and subsequent cards could result in suspension.
A coach or player receiving a red card will sit out 5 minutes and could be required to sit an additional game. All decisions on penalties for cards will be at the discretion of the tournament organizer.
The clock will continue to run during all stoppages of play including injury or issuing of card(s)

ANY players, coaches, parents or fans that conducts themselves in an inappropriate manner will be escorted from the property.

Rules, Game Times, Tie Breaking

The Home Team will be the first team that appears on the game schedule
All teams should bring reversible pinnies/opposite color jersey in case of similar jersey/team colors
Teams that fail to appear at their assigned games will not be invited to future events

A central horn will signal the beginning and end of each half. Two 20 minute halves with a 5 minute half-time for all divisions. THERE ARE NO TIMEOUTS.
Any game that is stopped due to thunder or lightning will restart within 30 minutes from the last occurrence. Missed games will not be made up. Partial refunds, after all fixed costs have been paid may be issued at the discretion of the tournament director.

Game Officials are US Lacrosse certified and will follow current US Lacrosse rules.
Modified Checking for 4/5/6th grade divisions, Full checking for grades 7, 8, 9 & HS Varsity Divisions.

Official score of each game is kept on the field by the Field Marshall's located at each field. 

Post game each coach will sign the score sheet - COACHES DOUBLE CHECK THE SCORE BEFORE YOU SIGN SCORE SHEET

The top 2 teams in each bracket will advance to a championship game and games scores will be recorded at the main tent/table area.

Teams will be awarded points during pool play based on the following system: Win = 3 points Tie = 1 point Loss = 0 points
The two teams with the highest point total will move on to the playoffs. If, at the end of the pool play, there is a tie in total points, the pool winners will be determined in the following manner:

  1. A comparison of total wins by team. The team with the most wins advances.

  2. A comparison of goals allowed. The team with the fewest goals allowed advances.

  3. Coin Toss

Playoff Format: The Championship game will consist of (1) 20 minute period for the 6th thru 8th grade divisions.
The Championship game will consist of (1) 15 minute period for the 4/5th grade division.
If the score is tied at the end of the period, a “sudden death” period will be played in in an 8v8 format, 3 field players will be removed from each team, until a winner is determined.

Portsmouth High School Facility Rules

Park in designated parking spaces only!
Vehicles in unauthorized areas will be removed at the owners expense

Grills or Open Fires
Alcohol or Tobacco



$500/team non-refundable deposit due Dec 15, 2019

Team fee is $1150, team deposit of $500 due Dec 15th, 2019
*Team fee for 28/29 Division is $800

Balance Due by April 15, 2020


Only teams that have paid (at a minimum) their non-refundable deposits are considered as successfully registered.

If paying deposit and team fees by mailing in a CHECK -  

Write checks payable to:
Lighthouse Lacrosse, LLC
PO Box 72
North Hampton, NH 03862